Worried Baby's ears stick out and want to fix them? Ear Buddies Splints reshape the soft cartilage of baby ears, resulting in a permanent, surgery-free correction. Correct Sticky Out Ears with Ear Buddies.

Do your baby's ears Stick Out or Fold Over?

EarBuddies™ offer a Permanent, Surgery-Free, Life-Changing Solution

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Ear of the Month - August 2018

"I read everything online about EarBuddies and loved the feedback from parents. I ordered the end of April and it shipped super quick. I was able to begin splinting beginning of May and directions were easy to follow and came with all the supplies clearly marked. The first splinting was a little tough but after that it got easier and I learned that the splints needed to be changed when my daughter was asleep so she didn’t move around. I splinted both ears for 12 weeks and would change at every 10-14 days to check progress and clean. The left ear made almost perfect improvement and you cannot notice there was ever an issue."

Mrs. M & her Daughter
New Jersey, USA

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Ear of the Month - July 2018 🇺🇸

"We started EarBuddies when he was around 2 months old and after approximately 6 weeks of taping/splinting, we decided we were happy with the results!

I feel like if he was born with the ears he has now, I would have never thought anything of it. I was amazed at how much the EarBuddies helped in such a short period of time. I have no regrets in buying this product and sparing my son possible teasing in the future!"

Anna & her Son Connor - California, USA

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Ear of the Month - June 2018 🇺🇸

"I ran across EarBuddies and presented the idea to my wife. We were hesitant and scared to do anything DIY with our new baby. We are first time parents so the stress level of this decision was quite high. The detailed instructions on the website made us a bit more comfortable. We placed the order and got EarBuddies first placed on his ears at 3.5 weeks old. We kept them on for a full 4 weeks. We are really pleased with the results."

Chris, Melody & their Son - Texas, USA

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Ear of the Month - May 2018 🇨🇦

"My baby was born with a very rare ear malformation, an inverted conchal bowl. I was worried about functional difficulties with wearing an ear-bud style headset when my baby was older. [...] After the first week of splinting, when it was time to change the tapes, the results were amazing. My baby's ear looked essentially normal. We kept taping for several more weeks, to ensure the correction would be permanent. The tapes and splint never seemed to bother my baby at all."

Olivia & her Baby - Saskatchewan, Canada

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Ear of the Month - April 2018 🇬🇧

"Ted was just under 2 weeks old when we fitted the EarBuddies. We kept them on for 2 weeks no problem; the plasters did get mucky and I was dying to take them off and wash his ears but we persevered and could see a massive difference after 2 weeks. We were so pleased!

Both ears now have a lovely curl and we are so pleased we discovered EarBuddies in time, as my only concern had been teasing when he was older."

Sarah & her Son Ted - Halifax, England, UK

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"I didn't want to put her through surgery due to her 'pixie ear', so I looked for an alternate solution and found EarBuddies. She's been wearing the splints for 2 months now and her ears look amazing!"

Niki & Baby Emilia

Essex, United Kingdom

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