What Parents Say

"We took my son, Jesse Rowell, to see Dr. David Gault when my son was almost 4 months old, as he had an ear which would always fold over and cause a bat ear effect. This got progressively more noticeable the older he got. David Gault fitted the splints for us, and we have continued to use them religiously, only changing them every 2 weeks. Jesse has had the splints in place for the advised 3 months now and we have had the splints out for 48 hours with no movement of the ear.

baby's ear sticks out before ear buddies

Before EarBuddies

baby with ears corrected by earbuddies

After 3 months using EarBuddies

The results are fantastic. Jesse was not affected in the slightest by the splints and didn’t seem to notice them or mind them being changed. I attach a before and after photo, after using the splints for 3 months."

Danielle & her Son Jesse
Essex, UK
December 2017


"I just wanted to say thank you for making this wonderful product. I got my daughter her EarBuddies at 3 months and she wore them for 6 months. It’s been off for about 2 months now and I am amazed at the amount the EarBuddies corrected my daughter’s ear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to be able to help fix our daughter’s ear as much as possible without surgery!"

November 2017


"A big hello to the EarBuddies staff! I would like to share my story of success with the help of EarBuddies. I first realised when my daughter was 6 months that her ears were starting to stick out a lot. I tried using hairbands to keep her ears down but that didn't work at all as she kept pulling it off. Then I came across EarBuddies which turned out to work amazingly! She has only worn the splints for 1 month so far and what a difference it has made. I am so grateful I came across EarBuddies. Thank you once again :) "

baby's ear sticks out solution

Before EarBuddies

correction of sticky out baby ears corrected with ear buddies parent review any good

After 1 Month using EarBuddies

Amreen & her Daughter
Birmingham, UK
September 2017


"I noticed that my son had a pointy ear right after he was born. Obviously it didn't impact my love for him, but I worried about teasing when he was older. I did a little internet research and came across Earbuddies - it seemed too good to be true! I figured that I didn't have anything to lose by trying them out, but honestly didn't expect much. We put on the EarBuddies when my son was four weeks old and kept them on for five weeks, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Thank you EarBuddies!"

earbuddies results

Before EarBuddies

fixing of stick out ears

5 weeks Later

Mrs. B & her Baby Son
California, USA
May 2017


"Our bundle of joy arrived on 09th August 2016. When we looked at the baby carefully, we noticed that her ears missed the upper fold and they appeared wide open. Upon consulting the doctor, we were told it would most likely fix by itself in few weeks’ time. We waited for about 2 months and that’s when things got furious as there were no signs of any improvements. My wife quickly began researching about ear deformities in new born and learnt that our little one had Stahl’s Bar. We immediately rushed her to a paediatric surgeon this time, the doctor acknowledged the deformity and stated that the correction should have been done in the first few days when baby was born by splinting method. He also said Stahl’s is very hard to correct and in many times surgery is the only option.

"After going through the online reviews, the product looked promising and we thought we'd give it a try."

We left the office very disappointed in the lack of options available. We did a little more research and came across this product called "EarBuddies". After going through the online reviews, the product looked promising and we thought we'd give it a try. We immediately placed an order online and the product arrived within a week in India. We splinted the EarBuddies piece in the ear and taped it following the instructions online. It was in her third month when we began using this product and within about 4 weeks, the results were astonishing.

baby's ear sticking out

Before EarBuddies

correction of sticking out ears with ear buddies | parent review


We continued to use it for another two months until the baby was six months old. Attached are some amazing pictures and we are very happy parents with the results. Thank you so much for such a fantastic product!!!"

Sarvesh and Kinar Desai & their Daughter Nandika
Goa, India
April 2017


"Here is his 3 week progress shot of his ear splinting with EarBuddies that we ordered overseas! It arrived fast so we could start treatment early (7 weeks old) and he has about 5 weeks to go until he no longer has to wear his splint. We are THRILLED with his beautiful result so far!

The fitting instructions are so easy to follow with great illustrations that helped me to feel confident in the fitting process. We are thrilled with your product and the results! Thank you!"

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Folded Over Helical Rim deformity Corrected with ear splints by parent at home
Kelly Moore & her Son Maverick - Instragram Post
December 2016


"For those who have been interested in the EarBuddies journey, here are the start and end pics. Feeling so happy with the results.

I have been thrilled with the results. Would highly recommend. I used them for my son too."

Ear Buddies Splints reshape the soft cartilage of baby's ears, resulting in a permanent, surgery-free correction

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Laura Grundy & her Baby Daughter - Instragram Post
December 2016


"Harry was 5 weeks old when I noticed his right ear was bigger than the left, it did not have a crease in the back of the ear and stuck out further. Whilst I knew I would not be able to make them symmetrical, I hoped to improve the ear. The ear is still larger, but now has a crease behind the ear and no longer sticks out as much. The ears look more a like. I am happy with the result. He was 12 weeks when I decided he no longer required EarBuddies. We found the product easy to use, Harry didn't realise it was there, I was worried about skin integrity however the barrier cream worked and Harry had no soreness. I used coconut oil as well as the wipes provided to remove the tapes."
Baby with Stick Out Ears seen from the back of the head | before ear buddy

5 Weeks Old

stick out ears cured & pinned back with ear buddies splints

12 Weeks Old

Mrs K.W & her Son Harry
November 2016

"What an amazing product! This is Louis, (left photo) 4 months old when we started with the splints and (right photo) 7 months old when we finished using the splints! What can I say, the splints have really helped and made such a difference. I highly recommend this product to anyone whose baby suffers with stick-out ears.

When Louis was born his ears seemed fine but by 3 - 4 months we started to notice how soft the top part of the ear was and it started to lose shape, flop forward and fold in half when Louis laid on either side of his head. My husband came across your product and we thought we would give it a go. (As I had the same issue when I was little and had to go through 3 operations to correct my ears and I don't want Louis to go though the same.)

before and after photo & review of ear buddies fixing baby sticky out ears

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As you can see from the photos the splints have really helped hugely by reshaping the gully and moving the top part of the ear back. Now when Louis lays on either side of his head the ear does not fold in half. We are so pleased and so glad a product has been designed to help to save the little people from having to go through a painful, expensive operation. It's a small cost compared to surgery prices, but well worth the investment!"


Michelle & Stuart Roe, and their Son Louis -  Instragram Post
Bristol, UK 
November 2016


“I would like to share with you my experience after having used the EarBuddies splints. I have applied the splints to my daughter from the age of 8 weeks old for 10 1/2 weeks. I kept the splints on for 24 hours / day and changed the tapes 1 time / week after the weekly bath. I send you attached some pictures of the results. I think the overall correction was about 40-50% and I am quite satisfied with it.”
baby before ear buddies splintage 7 weeks old

before, 7 weeks old

ear buddies results at 10 months

after, 10 months old

before earbuddies | baby head seen from behind at 7 weeks old

before, 7 weeks old

10 months after using ear buddies shapers to mold ear cartilage | stick out ears fixed

after, 10 months old

Follow Up


"She is now 2,5 years old and her ears still look good! I am very happy to have come across your solution! It was a problem that was really bothering me and i thought surgery was the only solution. Just very satisfied with the result even if these are just a few milimeters change."


Sofia & her Daughter
The Netherlands


"I have attached photographs of my daughter before, during and towards the end of her EarBuddies treatment. Her ears were not prominent until about 3 months.
She was breast fed up to 15 months. I mention this as I understand breast feeding helps keep the cartilage soft, and aids splinting success. She will have her EarBuddies on for one more week before her treatment is complete (treatment duration 4 months plus one week to account for time ears were left to air during tape changes). My daughter wore head bands to cover the splints and no one ever noticed them, but she has many compliments on her head bands. I changed the tapes more regularly than suggested at times, as the tapes got wet on several occasion when she was in the pool (despite having a shower cap on). Otherwise I followed the instructions and advice provided. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or photographs. Kind regards"


Mrs Tam J & her Daughter
February 2014



"Just worked out the difference between EarBuddies ($78) and ["--- ----"] who our obgyn told us to try - 5 whole day trips, 2000 miles, $2000 and counting .. EarBuddies saves surgery and doctor's bills - don't expect your local otolaryng/plastic surgeon to recommend it."


Facebook Comment - December 2014



"I would like to say so far I am thrilled with the results! My son was six weeks old and this is after two weeks of wearing EarBuddies. I can't wait to see the finished results."

close up photo of babys ears before earbuddies to fix pointed ear cartilage

Before EarBuddies

after 2 weeks using earbuddies to treat a stahl's bar or spock ear

After 2 weeks

using ear buddies to treat deformities of the outer ear of baby

Before EarBuddies

ear pointed at the top | baby ear folds forward | before and after results

After 2 weeks

UPDATE (six weeks later): "This is a phenomenal product & more people should know about it!! It's a shame US doctors don't know about this. This product will save so many children from having to get surgery and being teased about their ears. Thanks so very much for creating this!!!"

close up of baby pointed stahl's ear

Before EarBuddies

earbuddy corrects newborn baby stahl's or pointed or elf ear

After 6 weeks

newborn baby developing a pointed elf ear

Before EarBuddies

correction of pointed ears | fix with ear buddies cartilage corrector & molder

After 6 weeks

Follow Up
review of earbuddies stahl's bar pointed ear treated at home by mother

"Here is an updated picture of my son's ear a year after completing splinting. Thank you so much for creating such an incredible product!! We have been super satisfied with the results."

 Mrs. Kasey Ott & her Son


"I just wanted to tell you - my son is now 10.5 years old and we fitted your ear buddy to him when he was just a week or two old. My husband is an Optometrist and he felt confident enough we could follow your instructions on our own. We did and it worked great! I still look at his now perfect ear with amazement from time to time (like at Halloween this year he wore "Link" ears from Legend of Zelda and I had to glue them on for him!) He had no upper ear lobe (it was flat) and folded over. I work with kids families and families running activity classes for babies and toddlers and I have pointed many mums toward you when they have a new baby and are concerned about the baby's ears because they are folded or sticking out. Thank you for your great invention and our son's perfect ears!"


Mrs April W



"Noah was born with prominent ears from birth and gradually got worse as the weeks went by. I even had family members telling me he has sticky out ears but that was his characteristics, as a mums point of view he was perfect to me in every way but I thought of Noah as he got older and reached school age how cruel kids can be and the last thing I would want is for him to get picked on for them. I went to the doctors and they suggested surgery but not untill he's at least 5. I came away in two minds: whether I should put him through that when he's old enough. That's when I came across EarBuddies and oh my I'm glad I did ! At 15 weeks old Noah started wearing his EarBuddies now at 20 weeks old they have made a dramatic change already this is not even the final result as I will keep them on him for around another 4 weeks just to be sure but I welled up as soon as I saw the results so far I cannot be any happier ! Thank you so very much :) I will be printing these pictures off to show Noah when he's old enough and I'm sure he will thank me :) Thank you again I really couldn't be any happier :)"
picture of baby with stick out ears before earbuddies treatment to correct them


evidence that ear budies really does work to correct stick out ear


Paige & her Son Noah

"It is a personal choice for parents & they should not be criticised for using EarBuddies. My daughter is 4mths old & is in the middle of her ear buddy treatment. It wasn't a decision my husband & I took lightly but we felt it was better to try at this early age to rectify the problem. Her ears were not too bad when she was born but by the time she was 2mths they were bat like & took away we felt from her natural beauty. I was worried what my HV might say when she saw them fitted to her ears but her reaction was very positive. She spent some time working on a ward dealing with children who had undergone surgery for pinning their ears back, she explained how in some cases it was so painful for the children but they were desperate to have the operation done. I can't believe the difference in my daughter's ears in just over a month & a half. I'm not striving for perfection but just want to give her the best start in life!"


Mrs. R.M

"The decision to use EarBuddies on my daughter's prominent ears was difficult for me - I saw them as beautiful and as a characteristic that made her her. However, after overhearing an entire family while having lunch make fun of her ears rather than comment on her stunning blue eyes, jet black hair and contagious smile, I realised that If parents, in front of their children, openly bully a three month old baby, my daughter could face some difficult times in the future. Also, having watched my sister go through the painful procedure of pinning back her ears, I didn't want my baby to go through the same. I've been using EarBuddies for the past two weeks and I've already seen a change. On top of that it is painless and she has no idea that they are even there! If I have the possibility to 'correct' ears in a quick and painless procedure and help my daughter avoid the same teasing that I saw my sister go through, why wouldn't I do that? Why should I be criticised? I most definitely have my daughter's best interests in mind."


Mrs. T.G

"I can't thank you enough for having the passion to create such a wonderful product and make it available to the lay person. I asked about taping our daughter's ears in the delivery room. But our pediatricians kept telling my husband and I her ear would uncurl on its own. At six weeks old I was not convinced. That's when I did my own research and found your site. We started treating her at 6.5 weeks of age and completed treatment after 7.5 weeks. We're so pleased with the results and know she will be too!"



baby's left ear - combination ear deformity & malformation in neonate

Before EarBuddies

Stick-Out Ear + Stick Out Lobe + Folded Over Helical Rim


baby has multiple ear deformities like Stick-Out Ear + Stick Out Lobe + Folded Over Helical Rim

Before EarBuddies

ear buddies can correct different types of ear deformity


Mrs. D 


"First off, I just want to say thank you for designing a splint to help our babies. My son, 9 months, was born with what the doctor called a "funny" ear. I was told that the only way to fix this "funny" ear was to wait until he was old enough to undergo surgery. Obviously not happy with their answers, I began to do some research of my own. I discovered that what my baby has is called Unilateral Cryptotia, which our doctors were unable to diagnose!! My research eventually led me to you, Amen!!

We began splinting on May 28, 2010.  My son was almost ten months old and had cryptotia in his right ear.  The first photos were taken before splinting on May 27, 2010.
The rest of the photos were taken not long after Sept. 28, 2010.  A total of four months of wearing the splint. Thank you so very much for designing this amazing little miracle!  My family and I are so thankful!"
ear buddies successfully treats cryptotia in newborn babies

after 4 months

baby after 4 months of using ear buddies to mould ear cartilage

after 4 months

"Update: He's 6 now. Your ear splint was a saving grace for my son!  So very thankful that we didn't have to put him through an unnecessary surgery."
Mrs. Stephanie .W
Pennsylvania, USA


"My son got sent to 2 different doctors that told us his ears will fix themselves, he'll grow out of it, later found out they had never heard of EarBuddies :( & we went along to my sons follow up appointment when he was about 9 months old & another new doctor recommended EarBuddies to us but by this time my son didnt get the full advantage to them, dont get me wrong they helped alot from what they were but unfortunately my son will need private surgery (because its cosmetic) now if we were to get them fixed all because alot of NHS staff haven't heard of EarBuddies. I personally told my doctors, midwife & health visitors so this can be prevented if another family were to go through this :)"
Mrs S.M

"I am writing from Madrid, Spain, to let you know that I've been using EarBuddies on my daughter for 3 months now and the results have been great. A few months ago, I noticed my three month-old's ears sticking out a bit. They folded easily while she slept or when we fed her. I consulted two paediatricians who told me that she could 1. have surgery later on if they got really bad, or 2. cover her ears with hair. I decided that there just had to be a better option, so I did a search on the Internet and found your website. I figured I only had the money and a few weeks to lose, so I went for it! I'm so happy that I did... even after some who saw my baby with the splints insisted that I was wasting my time. Sadly, most of them were people who had done nothing about their own children's ears. Thank you so much!"
ear buddies used in baby from madrid spain



using ear correctors to fix baby stick out ears without bonnet or hat


baby using EarBuddies System for Reshaping Baby Stick Out Ears


"Update: I am also happy to report that:
1. At our most recent appointment, our paediatrician could not stop praising the results. I've sent her your website information; my hope is that she will recommend it to other parents. I wish I could send out brochures to people. It's such a shame that parents get zero information about this when it's got such a simple solution!
2. One of the mothers in my baby gym class was quite impressed by the results and has decided to try it on her baby. The baby is around 10 months old, so I told her that she'd have to be very persistent at this stage. I'm passing on my EarBuddies to her this Friday.
Update: My daughter is almost 6 now - her ears remain perfect!"
Mrs P.H

"You have splinted my daughters ears last February at Bishops Wood Hospital. We came from Switzerland to see you. When we came back to Brazil, our paediatrician was not very happy with the procedure, but I never gave up! I kept her ears splinted for 4 months (1 before our appointment and 3 after. From 3 months old until 7 months old). I am pleased to tell you that though the ears are not 100%, there was a very good improvement. At our last appointment with Brazilian pediatrician, doctor asked me your name and website, since he wanted to recommend EarBuddies to other babies."
Mrs O.P

“Natalie had EarBuddies fitted by Dr Gault at 9.5 months - i.e. quite late. We were advised to keep going with them for 4 months as she was already so old when they were fitted. We had to take a break after 7 weeks as she developed a skin infection behind the ears. However, the EarBuddies had already made a remarkable difference to her appearance, which is why I am writing in. We thought about giving up as she no longer looks 'silly', but have resumed the EarBuddies after a 2 week break as an insurance policy, and we will keep it up for another 2 months. I just wanted you to know that good results can be obtained at such a comparatively late age, and for a substantially shorter time than recommended.”
Mrs Suzy B


“the EarBuddies have only been on for a month and my son's ear has been completely transformed - absolutely delighted. I cannot recommend them enough - a few of my mummy friends are now ordering them after seeing the fantastic results…”
Mrs A P - Lymington, UK
“I just thought I'd write to say how brilliant the EarBuddies are! I was quite nervous initially that I'd make the problem worse and wouldn't be able to do it properly... but I persevered and Luca's ears are now much better. Thanks again!”
Nick and Sal

“My son's ear improves so much..and it only been 2 weeks that he has Ear Buddie on. First, I have a little hope because he is 5 months old but I can see that his ear looks better. I still keep it on anyway. I am so glad I found your website otherwise my son's ear will look different. thank you!”
Mrs Benjaphorn Kanmepol - New York, USA
"My daughter has had EarBuddies on for 11 weeks now. She was 5 and a half months when I started using them, and I noticed a big improvement at the 6 week mark. Since then, her ears have stayed the same and they look fantastic, much improved."
Mrs K.S

“I just wanted to send a couple of before and after photos of Eve after the feedback emails exchanged. We have decided that Eve's ears are as good as they will ever be. We are very pleased with the improvement and although not perfect, a great deal better I'm sure you will agree. As I have said before we didn't expect them to work 100% as she was 9 months at start. Many, many thanks”
Sandra & Guy
"My little girl had EarBuddies fitted at the age of 5 months. I wish I had known about them when she was born. When I went to my GP to discuss it with them and ask for advice, it was me actually telling them all about EarBuddies! My baby had them on for 2 months (it becomes more difficult to keep them on as the baby is older). The results are amazing and I would recommend EarBuddies to all!"
Mrs. M.P

“A little tricky to fit, but once in place didn't cause her a problem and it did the trick!”
Mrs P - Bolton, UK
“Many thanks for such a good idea - I only wish it had been there for my other three children who all needed surgery.”
Mrs W - Cheshire, UK
"I bought these for my little girl when she was a baby; the Doctor spent 30 mins trying to fit them. She is 5 now and I would recommend to anyone."
Mrs. K.B
“We are half way through a two month period of using them with my son and so far I am amazed at the results - just in one month!!”
Mrs Carla E - Isle of Wight, UK
"Excellent results, couldn't believe the difference. 100% improvement. Thank you."
Mrs O. & her Son George - Wiltshire, UK

“Its only been two weeks but it is already way better...”
Mariana B
“I can see an improvement already”
Mary McLoughlin - UK
“Excellent results … couldn't believe the difference - 100% improvement”
Mrs O - Trowbridge, UK
“Her ears are so much better than they were…”
Mrs N - Kent, UK
“Right ear now practically in line with left ear. Well worth the time and effort.”
Mrs N - Grantham

“Back in June you fitted an ear buddie to our daughter Simran. We like to thank you for your services. There has been a 100% improvement... Our daughter now has a sunder kan (beautiful ear). Many thanks again Doctor. ”
Mr B.B. -  Ilford, Essex, UK

“I don't know about global cost differentiation, but I researched the cost of surgery in New Zealand and it's in the ballpark of $4500 (under local) $8500 (child under general) whereas I just got the earbuddies kit for $125 NZD including postage, and my daughter will never remember the experience of wearing them.”
Leah M.H.

“Following 3.5 months of treatment, we removed our daughter's ear splints in December. We are satisfied with the results as her ears are much less prominent than they used to be. She has actually been a good advertising for your services since we have recommended you to 3 people who have taken their babies to you!”
 Mrs G - London, UK

“I had my ears pinned when I was 10 but it went wrong and I got sent over to David Gault in London. They were so bad, needed cartilage from my chest - didn't want this for our new son. His ears didn't stick out but they did fold double when the wife fed. Doc said no worry but one day we both looked and sure enough his ears were jugged - we'd bought EarBuddies just in case, so they went on in a flash and now the little fella is fine, but a close call.”
Damon - Dublin, Rep. of Ireland

"When our daughter was born, her left ear was folded forward. It flopped forward for weeks but we were told this would correct itself. In the first few weeks after birth, it became clear that she also had prominent ears. We followed public health recommendations and slept her on her back, which caused her prominent ears to fold forward when she turned her head. This folding started to change the shape of her ears, so that not only where they very prominent, but they were losing their folds (as seen in the first photo below). When she was 3 months old, we ordered the EarBuddies kit for older babies. It was tricky to fit the Buddies at first, but we got better at it and they certainly did not bother her. There were a few days when we had to take them off to allow areas of sensitive skin to settle down. After 3 months of application, we determined that her ears were improved, but still folded forward most of the time when lying down. We persisted for another two months. After 5 months of EarBuddies application, the shape of her ears was greatly improved. While still slightly prominent in technical terms, they fold back instead of forward most of the time now, and we use a hat in the crib, car seat, and stroller to prevent any possibility of folding forward. One month after removing the Buddies, our daughter's ears have held their new and improved shape nicely (as seen in the second photo below)."
this couple's daughter's ear stick out a lot from the side of the head


ear molding device corrects stick out ears in baby


Mrs C.S. & her Daughter - Canada

"Just a quick email to thank you very much for your help and advice. My sons ear has definitely formed a much better shape with 9 weeks of splintage. I have had the splint off for quite a while now and his ears look good."
Mrs S.D.

"I just wanted to write as I am sure many people do, in order to thank you for the EarBuddies kit that has made such a big difference to our daughter Cerys. From the moment she was born I noticed that her ear on one side stuck out but unfortunately with all the new and daunting things to think about anyway upon becoming a parent for the first time we gave it no more than a glancing thought until Cerys was around 6 weeks old, when we noticed that rather than just sticking out, the 'fold' in the ear was completely missing on that side. We were both surprised at how we could have failed to notice something so unusual and also how no medical professional had spotted it either. It prompted us to undertake a little research on the subject whereupon I of course stumbled upon your website and was able to diagnose the condition as 'bat ear' as it is commonly known. After some apprehension we decided to order the kit and give it a go as we had nothing to lose but the financial outlay.
When the kit arrived we did consult with our GP because at the end of the day we were still a little wary of the idea of purchasing a kit off the internet in order to treat a medical condition that only we had spotted and self diagnosed without any kind of medical referral. The GP knew of the condition but not of the splinting treatment and whilst curious I think he was also a little bemused at the idea, as were the health visitors who would subsequently ask why her ear was taped up and to which my wife was required to almost defend her position constantly and the decision made to go ahead with the treatment without traditional direct medical referral. In total the splint was on for around 11 weeks and throughout that time we experienced many problems, mainly just due to the skin surfaces becoming reddened and inflamed as the instructions reassured us may happen, but nevertheless meant that on a few occasions we were forced to remove the splint and tape for 24/48 hour periods before reapplying in order to let the inflammation subside. By the end of the treatment I certainly became very proficient in applying the splint and tape which we found easiest to apply an hour or two after our daughter had gone to sleep. My wife would take her from the cot and sit with her in the darkened nursery whilst I carefully curled the splint into the ear and applied the tape one step at a time.
Looking back we are both so pleased that we took the time and the effort for Cerys' sake and the change that it has made to the appearance of her ear has been remarked upon not just by friends and family but also some of those same health professionals who had been openly sceptical in the beginning! In addition there is also a sense of pride and achievement for myself and my wife in taking on something that initially seemed so daunting to the parents of a 2 month old baby. Her ear was certainly not a life threatening condition and so at the time it would have been all too easy to simply ignore. Instead, we forced ourselves to look to the future and imagine how we would feel if Cerys approached us in years to come and ask why we did not at least try something so simple if it stood a chance of avoiding operative treatment and/or the potential bullying and self image issues that she may have had to face in later life.
We learnt the techniques in applying the splint and I feel that we made good decisions about when to keep the splint in place and when to remove it to allow inflammation to subside. We generally persevered whilst those around us watched on more than a little bemused but ultimately it has made it possible for us as parents to treat a medical condition ourselves which is fantastic! Cerys is around 8 months old now although was about 6 months when I started writing this E-mail it has taken me so long! I would like to take the opportunity to thank you once again for developing this product that I am sure must have changed things for scores of babies and parents, just as it has us. I certainly hope that this does encourage people to persevere even when the treatment does not quite go to plan! Very best wishes"
Sian, Andy & Cerys


"Good Evening
Firstly I must thank you so much for the remarkable correction of our twins' ears. The whole process has been impressive and am so thrilled that now our twins have perfected ears.
Our story is as follows: our twins were born at 32 weeks and were in the Special care unit in Northampton for 3 weeks and were such little fighters. When they were born there wasn't any visible imperfections to their ears. It wasn't until they were getting older and starting to gain weight that we started noticing that O***** had one ear (his right ear) that was noticeably larger and a slightly different shape to his other ear. At the time we didn't think nothing of it as we didn't think it was a problem and was certainly not going to cause him a problem. As for B****** it was her left ear. Her ear was just not a "normal" shape slightly spock but just very different to her right ear. As time went on it was starting to bother me more than it was bothering the twins but I felt people were looking at their slightly abnormal ears especially O*****. But if it wasn't causing the twins any discomfort or problems then it was not the right thing for me to do anything about it. I was just prepared to see how they developed over time.
A few weeks went on and I started noticing that both the twins ears were not the 'normal' shape and were starting to become aggravated especially when they were sleeping and breast feeding. So I made an appointment to see our Health Visitor to discuss my concerns about the twins ears. I also had another concern being 'flat head syndrome' which I was unsure as to whether it could be related to their abnormal ears. So I was looking for some answers and help.
My Health Visitor was very supportive and explained to me that 'flat head syndrome' was very common and where their heads were slightly flat was the side where they were laying in their Moses baskets and was folding their ears over so they were doubled up every time they had a sleep. I noticed this every time I was to breast feed them as well. I had to make a conscious effort to always fold their ears back to their head to make sure they weren't getting squashed.
My Health Visitor was unsure as to where to guide me with the queries to their ears so advised me to go to the doctor and see what advice they could give me. She had mentioned that a surgical procedure could take place to rectify their ears. I went away and thought about what she had said and was really not keen on the twins under going surgery at a such a young age. But the thought of their ears doubling over must be so uncomfortable for them when they are sleeping and being breast fed.
So I went to see our lady doctor at our Doctors Surgery. From this day myself and my partner have never looked back. By this time, the twins ears seemed to have become more obvious and that it was just the one ear on each twin. Our Doctor was very supportive and explained why the twins' ears may have developed like this. All of a sudden it all started to make sense. She had said that being so premature as they were growing and still developing their ears were always being positioned in this way when their heads were pressed against me whilst breast feeding and on the womb their heads would have been pressing against each other so the flat head syndrome stemmed from this then obviously when they were sleeping in their Moses baskets their heads automatically turned to the flat side putting more pressure on their ears that were incorrectly developed.
The Doctor mentioned to me about 'EarBuddies' and that she had recommended them to another mum at the surgery and she said they were successful but every case is different. This idea sounded very appealing as no surgical procedure would have to take place. I went away and discussed this procedure of using 'EarBuddies' with my partner and looked at your website to gather information together and to see if I really thought that this was the best thing to do for the twins. We came to a decision to go ahead with 'EarBuddies' for the length of time suggested and see what happens. So I ordered 'EarBuddies' and we started the procedure on February 1st this year. I have to admit I was not sure how the 'EarBuddies' were going to be successful and correct the twins ears but stayed positive and followed the procedure right up until the 4 months were up (as that was their age when we started). All I can say is that you only have to look at the pictures attached to see what a difference they have made.
Both O***** and B****** now have matching ears and in perfect shape. Myself and my partner are thrilled with the results. We never expected such a huge difference. I am so glad that I went to our Doctor when we did or we would never have known about 'EarBuddies'. For the time that they were wearing the 'EarBuddies' I used to feel that people were looking and staring at them as to why they had plasters over their ears but they really were not very noticeable at all. They both now sleep and breast feed without their ears folding over and doesn't seem to bother them at all as they sit correctly in the correct place on the side of their head. I have attached some photos of before and after just so that you can really see what improvement has been achieved.
So finally Thank You so very much for the creation of 'EarBuddies' I would also like to thank a lady that I spoke to on the telephone regarding EarBuddies, she was extremely helpful and explained so many things to me and as a mother I needed reassurance about 'EarBuddies'. Unfortunately I don't have her name but on both occasions that I phoned it was the same lady so thank you for a wonderful service.
Yours Sincerely"
Mrs P.M. - Northampton, UK

"I am pleased to say that this young man has done really well since I saw him shortly after birth. The collapsed left pinna has returned to normal courtesy of David Gault's ear splints. Mum has no concerns about ****'s hearing and his feeding is settling well.
Yours sincerely”

Dr. D.A. - 23rd June 1999

"I am writing to let you know how successful your EarBuddies splints have been with my young son. When H****d was born, I noticed his ear was rather crumpled, but put it down to a difficult delivery. Weeks went by and the ear remained the same and although nobody else, i.e. doctor, midwife or health visitor, mentioned it, I thought the ear not quite right.
I remembered an article I had read in a magazine called 'You and Your Baby', and I took it to show my doctor at my six week check. He referred my son to a plastic surgeon, but said it wouldn't hurt to try the EarBuddies. I sent off for the pack and started fixing them onto my son's ear when he was seven weeks old.
I went to see the plastic surgeon when my son was 10 weeks old and the EarBuddies already seemed to be working. He asked me to come back in two more months so I did. My son was then four and a half months old and his ear was perfect.
EarBuddies splints used for son's ear that was crumpled

Before EarBuddies at 7 weeks old

crumpled baby ear fixed with medical device for molding ears

After EarBuddies at 4.5 months old

My son is now eighteen months old and his ear has stayed in its new shape. I am very grateful for your help and have informed my doctor and health visitors about EarBuddies so that others can make use of them.
Yours sincerely”

Mrs J - Surrey, 9th September 1997

"Dear Mr Gault, With reference to our consultation with you on 18th August, I enclose a photograph of my son's left ear after wearing the splint for four weeks. As you can see the splint has been a great success."
Mrs L. H. - Harrow, UK, 17th October 1995



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