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Professional Fitting

Over 98% of EarBuddies™ are fitted by parents at home. However, when professionally fitted and the treatment supervised, success rates rise to up to 92% of cases, even in older babies or those with difficult ear problems.

Professional fitting combines the surgery-free, permanent correction of EarBuddies™ with the clinical experience of healthcare specialists. Choose amongst our global network of EarBuddies™ Professionals.


Consultant Plastic Surgeon

National Health Service

Inventor of EarBuddies™

50+ EarBuddies™ Fitted

100+ EarBuddies™ Fitted

200+ EarBuddies™ Fitted

500+ EarBuddies™ Fitted

1000+ EarBuddies™ Fitted

David Gault FRCS - London, United Kingdom

David Gault, the Plastic Surgeon who developed EarBuddies™, sees babies for EarBuddies™ consultation and fitting at The Portland Hospital and HCA The Platinum Medical Centre, Wellington Hospital, London and out of London at the Bishops Wood Hospital, Northwood. Click here for more information.

You can book an appointment with David Gault by phone on 0203 327 0059, 0203 393 1103, or on his website.

The Portland Hospital - London, United Kingdom

See more information here.

The Mayo Clinic - Rochester MN, USA

The Mayo Clinic supplies and fits EarBuddies™ to selected patients and has conducted their own research on their use.

Boston Children's Hospital - MA, USA

The Department of Plastic and Oral Surgery supplies and fits Ear Buddies for selected patients. 300 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115, United States; +1 617-355-600

Dr Jill Tomlinson - Victoria, Australia

Dr Tomlinson, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, says "Ear molding is not well known in Australia and I did not hear about it during my plastic surgical training. Initially the parents who came to see me seeking ear molding had researched it online themselves and had infants aged 2-5 months, but after circulating information about ear molding to Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Paediatricians and Obstetricians in the last year I have begun to see more newborn infants which is easier for all involved in the molding process." Consulting at 549 Bridge Road, Richmond, Victoria 3121 P (03) 9427 9596 F (03) 8677 9116

Royal Free Hospital, London

The Royal Free Hospital, London supplies and fits EarBuddies™. Consult your GP to make a referral.

NHS Lothian

The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh supplies and fits EarBuddies™. Consult your GP to make a referral.

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Families in this Trust Area should ask their GP/Health Visitor/Midwife how to make an appointment.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - United Kingdom

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust supplies and fits EarBuddies in certain hospitals. Consult your GP to make a referral.

The Naval Medical Centre - San Diego, USA

The Naval Medical Centre supplies and fits EarBuddies™ to babies of US Navy personnel.


On the map below, you can see the locations of some of our Professional Fitters, as well as our most recent 500 orders. Click a section of the map to zoom in.


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